Giving Back

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia: Big Aussie Barbie

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Stories From The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

"The bizarre thing was I felt fine." Patrick Zimmermann was at his karate club when he dropped to the floor. The super fit 43-year-old had had a massive heart attack. Less than a minute earlier, a nurse from The Prince Charles Hospital had arrived to collect her daughter. She started CPR and kept [...]

King Of The Barbie

The King Of The Barbie Renowned chef Matt Moran and Matt Hayden go head to head to see who is 'King of the Barbie.' Never one to take a challenge lying down, Matthew Hayden emerged victorious after going head to head in a 'cook off' to see who was 'king of the barbie'. On a [...]

Tiwi College Project

From the moon to Hip Hop… The perfect start to a day At Tiwi College, all students begin their day with a book! As part of the reading program, students join together in small groups, along with an adult helper and read for half an hour. Short stories or books on topics as [...]