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the king of the barbie

The King Of The Barbie

Renowned chef Matt Moran and Matt Hayden go head to head to see who is ‘King of the Barbie.’

Never one to take a challenge lying down, Matthew Hayden emerged victorious after going head to head in a ‘cook off’ to see who was ‘king of the barbie’.

On a beautiful June afternoon at the Riverbar and Kitchen, Brisbane, foodie Matt Hayden took on the Australian Masterchef regular expert Matt Moran.

Everyone here at The Hayden Way was so chuffed to see our very own Matthew Hayden crowned king of the barbie.

Even better, thanks to a great sell-out audience at the event, proceeds were raised for The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation.

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation supports medical research to find cures and save lives.

Founded in 1986, it has been supporting medical research and care at The Prince Charles Hospital for close on thirty years. The hospital is the largest public cardio-thoracic centre in the southern hemisphere.

The foundations work includes research into better diagnostics, treatments and cures for 9 of the 12 most chronic and life threatening illnesses in Australia, including the nations’ biggest killer, Cardiovascular disease as well as lung disease, mental health and organ transplantation.


Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

In addition to being great fun and a highly memorable event, the most important message was in highlighting the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle.

Kate Ashton, Chief Executive Officer at The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation had these kind words to say following the event:

“There was a fantastic atmosphere at the event thanks to yours and Matt’s kind hearted sledging, getting the crowd going and making for a fiery cook‐off.

Your poignant words about the need for men to prioritise their own health and make informed lifestyle choices, especially in regards to food, drove home a strong message to our audience.

We believe your involvement in the event has contributed to the breaking down of the barriers that prevent men from making the necessary changes to take their health seriously.”

We would also like to draw your attention to three inspiring stories – all alive today due to the vitally important work carried out at the hospital. Click here to read more >