To watch the face of a child light up like a firecracker when I have merely written my signature on his or her little bat has always touched me. What I gave to him was so insignificant; yet the pleasure he received from that signature was akin to someone who had just won a million dollars. His amazing little face, beaming with gratitude, made me realise how powerful is the great gift of giving which is the core philosophy of The Hayden Way.

Giving back can have so many different facets, like honest and open communication, sense of appreciation towards service, respect and openness towards different cultures in a hope to gather further understanding but regardless of what that looks like my company’s mission is embrace the philosophy of ‘Gift of Giving’.

With this in mind The Hayden Way supports a number of key altruistic activities, The McGrath Foundation, The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation,, The Marist Champagnet Trust, The Macquarie Sports Foundation, The Macquarie Foundation, The Thomas Keller Foundation & The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

All these partners are near and dear to us at The Hayden Way. We thank each and every one of our philanthropic partners for their enormous contribution to their respective communities and for the satisfaction we receive in return for being a small part of their combined successes.

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