I have always loved to entertain and loved to have a laugh, often at my own expense. Life is too short not to be having fun. As my father in law often says, ‘Always retain your sense of humour’, when times are getting tense. See, this is the Australian Way of life, our egalitarian nature never allows us to get ahead of ourselves, keeps us on the same level which I really appreciate having a high profile.

As a professional cricketer I embraced the ambassadorial role required of me early doors. My profile gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk to a multiple cross section of people and organisations, from major corporate Australians and sponsors of Queensland & Australian Cricket to various broadcast and publication platforms along with passionate fans my favourite, children. A strong sense of duty helped me cement my communication skill sets along with forging terrific long term and dynamic relationships all around the world. As a general communication mantra the subjects may be different but the objective is always the same; radiate a positive, playful and respectful message centred on having fun.

I consider myself really privileged to enjoy public engagements and have always seen such occasions as an opportunity to broaden my connections whilst at the same time deliver a positive and candid message which accurately represent the core values of my life. Retrospectively looking at my life I should have guessed I would one day live out a public life as I always loved public speaking and acting. Cricket was such a perfect medium to release these creative instincts having both physical skillset along with a communication element along with a sense of theatre & history which goes with the game. I relished that performance element, whether it was as a batsman, fielder, or bowler and clearly remember the day I made one of my hundreds at the Boxing Day test in Melbourne when Ritchie Benaud, then commentating said, “Matthew Hayden, take a bow!” And I did! Right in front of 30 000 fans in Bay 13. I also remember many of my batsman-to-bowler theatrical confrontations! Simon Jones in the Texaco Trophy One Day Series in England rings a bell!

Being honest, I most enjoy smaller more intimate speaking opportunities, where guests can get a more unique dining and speaking experience with greater personal attention supported by a quality food and wine menu. That being said I can and do large open corporate functions but I find with the onset of the digital age and use of social media at these events one has to be a lot more disciplined.


Today, I use my communication skills in a variety of activities. As a global multimedia broadcaster I only have one rule. If I am having fun & following my passions, then people listening, regardless of the medium will also be having fun.

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